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Gore Mill Bridge Project Update (17 Feb 2011)

Our thanks to our 3rd District Councilman, The Honorable Todd Huff, for his obvious concern of our community's welfare.Todd and his administrative assistant, Robin Troy, attended our February meeting and listened carefully to our concerns about the pending changes proposed in rebuilding the bridges at the Scenic Gore Mill. In attendance were many other representatives of several community groups voicing their concerns over the scope of the project. (details)

Thanks also must go out to Andy Rathgeber, president of the FCA, for his yeoman like acumen to compile the necessary data to support our efforts in this endeavor. Teresa Moore, Valley’s Planning Council, provided invaluable information that will assist us greatly. Kudos’ to all who participated proving we can make a difference when we try.

Shelleys Fields:  It's Not a Done Deal! (5 Aug 2010)

While others may be going to Disneyland, we're going to Annapolis. This case has advanced to the point where it will be heard by the Appeals Court in Annapolis. As of this writing, opening briefs have been filed, and a time-line for the proceedings will be noted on future updates.  Stay tuned, it's not over yet. (details)

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