Gore Mill Bridge

Below is the cover page of a letter regarding Freeland community's position on the proposed bridge replacements on Gore Mill Road in Freeland, identified as Project # 2070277 in the 2011 Capital Budget.  You can also read the full letter with pictures.




To: Baltimore County Planning Board, Jeff Mayhew, Councilman Todd Huff, Dept of Public Works,

These bridge replacements should accomplish the following goals for this historic stretch of roadway:

  1. Provide only a means to accommodate current traffic of less than 150 vehicles per day.
  2. Provide a means to encourage lower vehicular speeds in proximity to these bridges by designing at least one of them as a one-lane bridge. We offer the Bailey Bridge as one low-cost example of how this could be accomplished.
  3. Design of bridges B-0138 and B-0137 should aesthetically compliment the landmark Gore Mill (c.1824).

We do not believe the proposed design accomplishes any of these goals.


Andy Rathgeber, Freeland Community Assocaition
Reb Scavone, Freeland Legacy Alliance

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